What is Gratitude and Why Does It Matter?


Gratitude is a word that most of us have heard at least once or twice. Oftentimes its meaning is inferred, but less frequently is it fully explained or taught. In marketing or on social media it can be used in performative ways that unfortunately water down the impact of the word for those of us without a deep understanding of it. The good news is that, once you understand the real meaning and full impact of practicing gratitude, it can be one of the most transformative forces in your life.

holiday grief

How to Cope With Holiday Grief


  If you look at popular culture and media, the holidays are often depicted as joyful occasions with nothing but happiness, laughter, and usually love. While this can be true, it can also be misleading. The holidays especially can bring up a variety of emotions and experiences that are often left out of the conversation despite being a very large part of the spectrum of emotions that we feel and experience throughout the season.  …

self diagnosis

How to Request an Evaluation From Your Therapist


How to Request an Evaluation From Your Therapist   Over the last several years, discussions surrounding mental health and therapy have increased rapidly. Social media and popular culture have been two large driving factors in the expanding conversation. People from all backgrounds, thought leaders, public figures, and even your neighbor down the street, have begun sharing their personal experiences with mental health more openly as well which has only furthered the conversation. This has provided…

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